4 Best website to learn a skill

19 Sept 2022


Udemy also offers online courses which includes online courses in business, entrepreneurship, health & fitness, music, language, and technology are also available through Udemy. The main distinction is that on Udemy, ANY educator is able to create their own unique courses that anybody can enroll in and learn from for free or for a price. As a result, you too can teach if you have a skill to impart.


Udacity, which has collaborated with companies like Google, Facebook, and AT&T to develop a variety of tech-related courses, is another excellent resource. The fact that Udacity’s courses include quizzes and follow-up homework is one of its main selling points. This is a component of their “learn by doing” approach, which aims to clarify concepts and strengthen beliefs.


Users are paired together via SkillShare to share skills.

Suppose, for instance, that you wish to learn how to prepare food or tap dance.

You can partner with someone looking for that expertise and learn from them in exchange if you have a skill to contribute, such as a language or music.

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