Negative effect of internet in our lives

19 Jan 2023

The internet is unique in the sense that it can come up with solutions to problems that would have taken days to solve, it can deliver mails which would take merely a few seconds to reach their destinations unlike the olden style of transportation by railroads and the ancient style of transport through horses. It can be said without any doubt that the internet has improved our lives to an unsurpassable extent to which only a few other things could compete against. Perhaps the most important function is that with the internet, you can stay connected to people from all around the world in a time span equivalent of pressing a button on a remote control. Viewing this topic in further detail, the invention of the internet has led to the development of social media applications play a very crucial role in our everyday lives.

Along with its benefits, I believe, the internet incurs some serious drawbacks as well. The internet does truly connect us worldwide, but that on its own is a serious issue, because we never know whom we might meet, and as a result many individuals have suffered some dire consequences. The internet has served as a pathway for potential kidnapping, scamming and robberies as these perpetrators cunningly lure their victims by appearing as a friend resulting in heavy financial losses to the victims and their families, The internet is also held responsible for corrupting the innocence of many teenagers as they are exposed to mature content through the convenience of just chatting with someone online ending with them picking up bad habits or doing shameful, regrettable acts. Cyber bullying, phishing and hacking are only possible through the existence of the internet.

Many parents have taken a firm stand that the internet is not in the best interest of their children, as they argue that as soon as the youth is exposed to such electronic gadgets they seem to get addicted to using them. This tends to cause hindrance in a child's social life, as instead of face to face interactions, they prefer to talk online, and later on in life, the child is socially challenged with little knowledge on how the real world actually works. Some parents are in a constant dilemma that they believe the internet favors interactions with those people whom we label as bad company and they do not want such people to have any sorts of communication with their progeny.

In the literal sense, the internet has really come a long way, and no one knows in the near future how much more influence internet would have on our lives. Recently the trend Of virtual reality chat has become really popular, through special glasses and movement controllers, users get to experience a world like no other, in which they can interact with each other no matter how far away they may actually be. Who knows which new heights the internet will reach, but it is safe to say that internet has come a long way and without it, we cannot function independently. Like any other tool, if used correctly, we can attain success in this world but if we use it for the wrong intentions, it will most definitely lead to our demise.

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