What is Dmail ?

6 Jun 2022

This is the answer .....

To solve problems of interaction, communication and information sharing between on-chain and off chain users, we developed a distributed application called Dmail.

Dmail is the first mail application based on Web3.0 and Dfinity technology that integrates NFT and distributed storage functions, and is dedicated to building a bridge between the traditional world and the parallel world.

Compared with traditional mail, Dmail gives rights of control back to users. Users can manage and access data with their private keys, and can also determine the future trend of the product through community Governance.

Dmail is committed to providing users with a permanent service without a centralized server, and meanwhile ensuringe the ownership and privacy of data.......

How to use Dmail
1. Get Dmail NFT domain accounts.
2. Get a Principal ID of Plug wallet.
3. Bind your Dmail NFT domain account + Principal ID in Dmail.

If you have any questions about that you can ask me in comments section

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