The Sol Token

30 May 2022

The SOL token is the native currency in Solana’s ecosystem. So the token can pass to nodes within the Solana cluster in exchange for running on-chain programs or validating its output. Another use for SOL, is to perform micropayments known as lamports. The current circulating supply of SOL is 26 million. The maximum supply of SOL caps at 489 million SOL. SOL also has additional use cases, you can stake the token to earn additional rewards. So Staking is a good way for users to earn profit if they are just looking to hold their tokens. The process of staking is quite simple, it is as follows: Transfer tokens to a wallet that supports staking
Create a staking account
Select a validator from Solana’s validators
Delegate your stake to the validaSolana (SOL) has quite a few partners in the crypto industry; many are the best and brightest in the crypto industry. These firms include Project Serum, FTX, Terra, akash, Chainlink, civic, dfuse, Formatic, Stardust, Kin, Tempest, and more.tor

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