Types of boundaries

14 Mar 2023

Intellectual boundaries help to protect each partner's thoughts and opinions. An important intellectual boundary is agreeing to disagree while respecting each partner's right to their own opinion.

Time boundaries: Respecting each other's time is what time boundaries entail. They can also include limiting how frequently you and your partner see each other and how you spend your time together. It is possible to protect your time by not feeling obligated to spend every waking moment with your partner.

Physical boundaries help partners define their personal space and communicate their preferences regarding physical touch. They also include physical requirements such as food, water, rest, and health.

Communication boundaries can be established to better manage conflicts or arguments, and may include rules such as no name-calling, no bringing up previous arguments, no abruptly leaving in the middle of an argument, and so on.

Material boundaries are associated with personal possessions and finances. You can decide how much of your possessions and finances you want to share with your partner.

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