Usman Backs Edwards' Win

21 Sept 2022

Many people, according to former UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, are mistaken when they believe Leon Edwards was fortunate in their match.

The reign of Usman was interrupted last month in the UFC 278 main event by Jamaica-born Brit Edwards, in what is perhaps the upset of the year.
"The Nigerian Nightmare" had grabbed control of the match after the first four rounds and was firmly on the way to another successful title defence, leading 3-1. But with a perfectly timed and vicious head kick, "Rocky" dealt Usman his first UFC defeat in a move that astonished MMA fans all over the world.

While many people praised Edwards for pulling off one of the most remarkable and apparently implausible comeback victories in UFC history, others sought to minimize his success, calling the outcome just "luck."
But the former champion denied that luck had anything to do with the kick.

In his appearance on episode #128 of the JRE MMA Show, Usman discussed his first career defeat by KO with famed UFC analyst Joe Rogan.

“I don’t like the notion of everybody saying, ‘He got lucky!’ Yeah, he got lucky, yeah, of course. But luck, to me, is not what everyone is saying,” Usman said.
“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. That’s luck to me. You can’t tell me that Leon didn’t train that kick. Of course, he did! I’m not even a southpaw and I train that kick. I know he trained that kick, and there’s a video out, he added.

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