The CREMA FINANCE Community and its Benefits

14 Jun 2022

Being a part of a crypto community is something everyone should strive to do because it comes with it a whole lot of benefits.

I will be talking about a wonderful community I belong to and why you might consider joining the Crema Community.

What is Crema FInance?
Crema FInance is a DEX on the Solana Blockchain that happens to be the first Concentrated Liquidity Market Marker (CLMM), for those who understand the difference between CLMM and AMM you would know that Crema Finance is really unique in the product they offer.

Why should you be a part of the community?
Well, for being part of the community and contributing to it, you stand a chance to be rewarded with a prize pool of 10,000,000 $CRM tokens, which is approximately $1,000,000 at the IDO price.

The good thing is that everyone gets rewarded, as long as you are able to get at least a role on their discord server.

To begin with, you have to join their discord server- here
Check the #faq-and-role server for all the roles and how to get them.

Then begin your quest to earn from a price pool of $1M.

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