Only trained health workers should give injections, paediatricians say

3 Sept 2022

Only trained and licensed healthcare professionals should be permitted to deliver injections, according to child health experts.
They advise against administering injections merely anywhere near the buttocks and warn against doing so because doing so could permanently harm a person's nerves if done on the incorrect side. The specialists cautioned that this might make walking for people affected for the rest of their lives exceedingly difficult.

Idi-Araba, a consultant neonatologist and pediatrician at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, issued a dire warning against the improper use of auxiliary nurses and unskilled medical personnel while injecting patients.
"There are anatomical locations where you may give an injection, which you learn while you are in school," the pediatrician said.

Quacks, however, believe that any part of the buttocks can be injected into and that doing so will result in difficulties because they witness individuals injecting their buttocks. There are specific locations where you can administer injections. "Specific regions should be used for injections."
The buttocks shouldn't be frequently utilized as a vaccination site for infants and children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in order to protect the sciatic nerves.
In general, adults don't use them. The upper, outer quadrant of the buttocks should only be utilized for the highest quantities of injection, according to the CDC, and the core portion of the buttocks should never be injected.

"Once injured, nerves cannot be repaired. That is one approach to contribute to the issue. Therefore, that is a case of quackery when someone who is not trained to administer injections administers injection and harms the child's nerve, particularly if the injection is administered in the buttocks. In most cases, it is possible to provide injections in the buttocks. Divide the injection into four parts before administering it in the buttocks. You will inject the area on the higher outside side.

However, according to Dr. Odusote, "We also know from experience that even though most nerves do not run through that location, a small percentage of persons have their nerves there. This explains why the majority of immunizations given to children nowadays are delivered in the thigh. It is as a result of those discoveries.
He also mentioned that giving an injection to a youngster who has polio and is feverish could make the condition worse.

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