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5 Dec 2023

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Good morning.
Today's post is an update on the portfolio. I was not joking when I said I have been busy, what with the trading, the Kaspa mining and researching and buying ALTs, there really have not been enough hours in the day. I know I am slow with the trading bit, but will no doubt speed up with experience.
Perhaps that is also the case with researching. I picked up that the narrative for the coming bull market would possibly be games/gaming and AI so that is mainly what I have been looking at. I am so dedicated that I actually watched an Alex Becker video! (I guess each to their own but think maybe I am just too old as it was just a painful experience for me). Other than that it was to take a coin, look at price charts, token allocations, whale or retail wallets as well as TVL (total value locked) and scrolling through social media on all of these tokens.
I had days that I found so frustrating because I got absolutely nowhere! It felt like a waste of a day when after that you have a load of notes and your opinion after all that is 'it looks scammy' or 'missed the boat on that one' but onwards and upwards. Buying and holding BTC is easy but I have picked a few ALTs. 
I feel like when I first started in crypto with Helium, I had no idea about the cycles, I had no idea about the bull market or the bear market and just thought we had a great token as it was running up to $50. This time around I have a much better understanding of all of this (Not saying I have nailed it just yet though!) My picks could be wrong, of course they can but I am so much more informed than I have ever been before so I can allow myself to be hopeful.
Some of the greats on this site (Yes you know who you are) have been helping me to understand all of this and I do listen as I believe that this is the time to buy some ALTs and not just L1's but even some microcaps. All the work stints were worth it as the plan for the money earned (apart from a couple of holidays) was to invest without having to use our monthly income or savings. I sometimes think the actual physical working I did was easier than the last few months of solid learning and research!
I have sold a lot of my Defli tokens and used that to buy the gaming tokens.(I have ROIed on this project). I was swapping my IOT (Helium) into SOL when the price of SOL was low.
Yes I still have mostly BTC but I still have some funds in the 'buy fund' and I am still looking and researching.
I have not invested more than I am willing to lose, some of my positions on these tokens are small but only time will tell if my strategy has worked.
A couple of months ago the portfolio looked like this.
Now it looks slightly different.
The gaming tokens are all micro caps and I have some NAKA, 3ULL and SHRAP and some of the A.I tokens are INJ and VAI, with a few more of each that I am looking at.
As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.
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