Novak & Annabelle : LordsOfMythos

31 May 2023

Hey guys, I've been up for the past couple hours working on a new NFT for the LordsOfMythos collection & I figured bulb was the perfect place to share a sneak peek of my latest Drop. I'm still creating the animation but I've completed the artwork and written a short story for these characters. This is the story of a wizard & his apprentice ; meet Novak & Annabelle!

Novak was a wizard who had mastered the art of electrical magic. He had traveled far and wide, seeking out new knowledge and spells to add to his repertoire. He was a solitary figure, content to spend his days tinkering with gadgets and experimenting with new forms of magic.
One day, while on his travels, he stumbled upon a burning building. Without hesitation, he rushed inside to see if anyone was trapped. To his surprise, he found a small child, no more than a few years old, huddled in a corner. He scooped her up and carried her out of the building just as it collapsed. 

The child, whom he later learned was named Annabelle, was an orphan. Her parents had perished in the fire, and she had been left alone in the world. Novak knew the struggles of raising a child on the road, but he couldn't bring himself to abandon her. So, he decided to take her under his wing and teach her the ways of a wizard. 

At first, Annabelle was hesitant to trust Novak. She had never met a wizard before, and the idea of learning magic seemed daunting. But as they traveled together, she began to see the wonders of the world through Novak's eyes. He showed her how to harness the power of electricity, how to create sparks and lightning bolts with a flick of the wrist.

Slowly but surely, Annabelle began to learn the ways of a wizard. She was a quick learner, and Novak was a patient teacher. They spent their days traveling from town to town, performing small magic shows for the locals and picking up odd jobs to make ends meet. 

As they journeyed together, Annabelle began to see Novak as a father figure. He was kind and gentle, always looking out for her well-being. She knew that she was lucky to have found him, and she was grateful for the opportunity to learn from him. 

One day, as they were traveling through a dense forest, they stumbled upon a group of bandits. The bandits were notorious for their cruelty, and they had been terrorizing the nearby villages for weeks. Novak knew that he had to do something to stop them. 

With Annabelle by his side, Novak used his electrical magic to create a series of traps and distractions. He set off fireworks to draw the bandits' attention away from their camp, and he used his lightning bolts to disable their weapons. Annabelle helped by using her own magic to create illusions and misdirect the bandits. 

In the end, Novak and Annabelle were able to defeat the bandits and free the villagers from their tyranny. The villagers were grateful, and they hailed Novak as a hero. Annabelle was proud to have played a part in the victory, and she knew that she had found her true calling as a wizard. 

As they continued on their journey, Novak and Annabelle encountered many more challenges and adventures. But through it all, they remained steadfast in their bond as wizard and apprentice. They had found a home with each other, and they knew that they would always be there to support each other through whatever came their way.

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Pretty cool man. Btw I'm on Uhive too. Easy to find. I always use the same handle and profile pic. lol
Loving this lore man. Keep it going. So important to build that out for collections that are new.