2 Nov 2022

What is Uniswap:
Uniswap is the largest distributed exchange, which works on Ethereum blockchain. Uniswap crypto is called decentralized in blockchain which is same as distributed used in this article.
The emergence of the Uniswap coin brought forth the automated market marker(AMM) model. Uniswap equally works on other blockchains that supports the ERC-20 tokens.
The V1 version of the Uniswap coin allowed only the exchange of Ethereum to ERC-20 token, V2 version which came as an upgraded V1, permitted users to exchange between several ERC-20 tokens without attracting too much loss.
The V2 version equally strated using wrapped Ether over native Ether for its important contracts.
The V3 version came with a unified finance and more accommodating fees, which helped in user experience for traders.

Brief History of Uniswap Crypto.
Uniswap crypto came to existence when Hayden Adams, a graduate of Stony Brooks University who was once a Mechanical Engineer at Siemens,a company with its headquarters at Munich. He founded the coin in November 2018. The V1 was later launched in same year and upgraded to the V2 version in August 2020 while the V3 version came up in May 2021, a year afterwards which led to the last renewal of the Uniswap coin.
Uniswap Labs is the company behind the exchange and is located at New York City. It has banned several countries including, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cote d'ivoire, Liberia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Iraq.

Uniswap Token.
There are several tokens accessible on Uniswap like the trading pairs which are stablecoins including; USDC and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).
Uniswap released it's native influential token, the UNI in September 2020. The UNI token allows both public ownership over the protocol and companies to make a choice on basic protocol changes and growth action.
Over 400 UNI tokens were sent to more than 250,000 Ethereum addresses when it was introduced in 2020. Uniswap coin still plans to circulate over a billion UNI tokens for more than four years.

Uniswap Price.
The Uniswap Price is ranked number 16 and is on over 623,247 watchlists. The vital Uniswap Price is about $6.39 with a 24-hour trading volume of $88,464,632 USD. It is $6.05 low and $6.40 high on as shown in the USD chart.

There are reasons why it is advisable to use the Uniswap exchange;
SAFE: The Uniswap exchange ensures that funds are not sent to any other person apart from the owner of the wallet. It shows exactly how your funds are protected with Uniswap.

GLOBAL AND PERMISSIONLESS: Anyone with a smartphone can join in. Uniswap does not select users of it's exchange but considers everyone who can access it to use the exchange.

EASE OF USE AND FICTITIOUS NAMES: There is no need for account sign ups or any need for personal details. This is to avoid fake names etc. Uniswap is stress free and easy to access.
Therefore, in order to use Uniswap, one needs to acquire an Ethereum wallet. For a novice, an example is the Coinbase Wallet but a gas fee will be required so you need some Ethereum.
You can also access app.uniswap.org to begin exchanges of tokens and supplies of finances. Though users have issues in payment of gas fee which sometimes can be high, but Uniswap being a unique exchange is confident to have cheaper gas fees for transactions as the V3 version is designed for that.

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