Kogi State Government to probe death of four family members who died after Amala meal

4 Oct 2022

Four family members died after consuming cassava flour, also known as amala, in the Kogi State town of Mopa in the Mopa-Muro Local Government Area, and the community has been plunged into sorrow.

According to reports, the deceased passed away suddenly between Friday, September 30, and Sunday, October 2.

The family patriarch Pa. Motilewa, his two daughters, and a young woman who was reportedly related to them were among those that killed.

Motun, one of the deceased daughters, worked as a teacher in the community. But miraculously, the mother lived.

Residents of the town and the entire neighborhood were shaken by the tragedy and are now in a state of sadness, terror, and confusion. Many have called for an investigation into the family members' deaths.

PUNCH Metro learned that the family used the remaining cassava from which they had previously cooked and consumed Fufu to make the Amala.

It was claimed that they spread out the processed chaff to dry in the sun for a few days.

The flakes were then ground into a soft powder and used to make amala, which they consumed on Thursday night before going to bed.

The victims reportedly fell ill over night, and efforts were made to stabilize them, according to an eyewitness.


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