Causes Of Stress OnThe Modern Generation

21 Nov 2022

The main cause of stress on the modern generation is the cut-throat competition and consumerist culture prevalent in our society. This always puts them under pressure of efficiency and productivity. The modern environment is highly competitive and calls for relentless effort on the part of each youngster. To achieve the goals they have to devote all their time and capacity, without rest. So they have no time to care even for their own selves. They have no time for relaxing or to pursue something of their own interest sounds like a luxury to them. The effects of this stress on the youth also visible in their physical being whereby they have increased pulses and a lot of tension in their muscles.

With increased professionalism and specialisation there seems no practical and suitable solution for this stress due to the competition. In this age of consumerism, it is not surprising that the youth of today are also constantly vying to outdo each other in acquiring material things. But now it is high time each one of us sat back in quiet introspection to contemplate where we are actually heading in this high-speed pace. Our health and well-being will have to be our primary concern for, as they say, “a healthy mind lies in a healthy body”. Let us stop living like robots. We are humans and have to behave likewise and not like machines which are our own creation.

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