12 Oct 2022

If i ask you what is the best way to earn money...your answer is probably the buisness some people would say specific job some would say marketing some would say influencing..... right..?

But one think is that you all know that the most popular company the brand in technology's Apple right none of other companies are in compete with the apple. What you think the salary of CEO of that company i could not tell exact amount but i've readed somewhere that's approx 110 crores annuly it's too much right..?

Yaa as we are from middle class family's we cant think this much amount in our job... thats jokes apart.. But point i want to noticed you that is other than these. You know is the big bull of worlds market yaa you are rightly getting i am talking about the big bull of market very well known sir Warren buffet . Warren buffet is the investor having holding of that apple company..he has invested crores in apple with i think 20 percent equity not perfectly value its just approximate value..but the point is Warren buffet who is just investor iof that company who not going on job neither do some work their nothing but he earns 10 times more than the CEO of that apple company so now point is how would these happens 

Warren buffet who is just investor iof that company who not going on job neither do some work their nothing  so what he do..he doesn't do any work for company but he put his money to do the work for company he doesn't need hardwork he do smartly his job by putting his money in that company as company is branded he knew well that company has lots of potential with higher income rate with his shares in company he earns his 20 percent of companies profit as the company makes more profit day by day he earns money without taking any type of hardwork

So now you had an idea that hardwork is not necessary to earn mone but the need is actually of smartwork..but take a note that to do smart work you have accurate knowledge about that investment is about all your knowledge your data analysis all that factors with your somewhere of luck factor also affects

So you have to be patience & fully focused about your planning & the most important thing is to not keep all that money in only one spot diversified stocks ate always profitable & lead ro your great income source with litttle bit minimum risk to your portfolio investment has various types like real estate gold stock market crypto market new startups some partnerships such various ways so start the all factors about your investment & start investing & start earning with smartly..!

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