The Nightmare

30 Aug 2022

The deadly monster, his claw raking along the back of my spine, its razor sharp teeth that could cut through bare rock.
“Lucas” my father bellowed, as it echoed through the stillness of the morning. I woke up with the sheet wrapped around my body, terrified that I have ever been before . I've never been so relieved to hear my dad screaming my name. What a nightmare! I rolled out of bed and went downstairs to feed the pigs out on the farm. Suddenly I heard rustling from the bushes and someone was spying on me. I crept over to the bush the sound the rustling was coming from and it popped out this magical creature. I've heard stories about this, it is a wisp, legends tell the wisps lead you to greatness. So I followed the wisps through the woods and led me to these creepy barn spiders crawling all over the floor, the lights flickering, windows and door slamming shut. I shut my eyes for an instant thinking it was another dream. I opened my back up, the lights stopped flickering and a small light shining on a sword was so shiny I could see my own reflection. I heard a sound coming from the sword and went closer to see if I really heard something or I was just imagining. But I wasn't. It said “I am now yours, you are going to need this for what is to come.” I took the sword, hands shaking with disbelief, I ran home. I didn't want anyone else to know about the sword in case someone wanted to use it for evil.

I went to bed last night with the sword in my grasp. I had the same nightmare that the monsters claw scratching across my back, leaving a trail of blood all around me “Oink”, the sounds of the pig woke me from my sleep, with a fright I realized that my sword was gone. I looked everywhere, around my room, I went out my front door and saw the sword jabed into a rock i went over to pull the sword out from the rock I retrieved the sword and it teleported me to a dark cave, the torches sparked with flames creating a trail towards the unknown, I followed the trail and with every step I took I grew in fear. As I approached the end of the trail, I could see the monster. It was the exact one I saw in my dream. It was so big the monster whacked me 20m meters with its oversized hand then as I'm on his claw slicing along my back and couldn't catch breath that's when it went black was dead the sword flew into my hand rising me from my death i rose with one goal to slay the monster i jumped up of a rock and sliced him in one he fell to the ground. A sudden portal was created and I went inside to get back home in my bed. Maybe it was just a nightmare?

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