Let's discuss about the FitFi Cryptos - Step App (FITFI)

4 May 2022

Step App is one of the most recently launched cryptos on this list. Even with its quick success, it has gained 150% in only a few hours. 

Several prominent exchanges, including Huobi Global, Gate.io, and Crypto.com (CRO), have added the cryptocurrency to their platforms mere hours after its first introduction on OKX and Bybit.

Step App stands apart from other networks due to its emphasis on decentralization. 

Ultimately, the platform's creators aim to give the platform's users complete control over the platform. 

The FITFI coin is a governance token, so it was created using DAO Maker. 

Anyone who owns the token can vote on community suggestions for modifications to the network.

They also rejected venture capitalists since Step App is a DAO token. 

This allows the initiative to deliver the most equitable FITFI token launch possible, enabling investors from all backgrounds to participate.

The Step App brief claims that this decision was made in response to community demand.

Because of its decentralization, FITFI is a good FitFi currency for Web 3.0 fans, DAO supporters, and anybody else who prefers the decentralized model.

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It's nice to see how Web3 is picking up more steam in the market, slowly decentralizing apps/tools we currently use.
MBA ChitChat
This App's achievement in a short period of time is amazing, its use case with the NFT is very good and it gives high hope to BULB !
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