Endgame 2.2 Avengers brings 2 more stone

14 Jul 2022

Since we already knew that avengers had already collected 3 stone bamed Time stone , space stone and mind Stone from 2012 Newyork timeline . The rest of members went other places to bring others three stone.

1) Reality stone : Thor And Rocket went to 2013 Timeline in Asgard to get reality stone . This time, reality stone was inside Jane foster body. There Thor met his mother and Thor mother already knew everything and she said they will be successful in this mission. Rocket remove and take Reality stone from Jane body and Thor was still Worthy and he calls his hammer and bring hammer and reality stone to original timeline.

5) Soul Stone : Soul Stone was in vormir . Natasha Romanoff or Black widow and Hawkeye went There to take Soul Stone before timeline Thanos got it. There used to cursed Rwd skull who knows about everyone's identity who came to get Soul Stone. Then ,he calls  Black widow ," Natasha Romanoff , daughter of Ivan Romanoff " and finally she knew her father name. Red skull said that to get Soul Stone , Soul is needed . So , either of Hawkeye or Black widow had to die. Since ,Black widow thought of Hawkeye children plus good friendship ,Black widow sacrifice herself . And Hawkeye in next morning woke up With Soul Stone in his hand and came to original timeline.

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