All Sunny Dancing Days

4 Mar 2023

There was a girl who loved to play, In a land where the sun shone all day. She danced and sang and spun around, And sometimes even skipped along the ground.
One day, she met a rabbit in the wood, Who said, "You should try hopping, it feels so good!" The girl thought it sounded like a great idea, So she hopped and bounced without any fear.
She hopped and bounced with all her might, But soon realized that she was out of sight. She looked around and saw the trees so tall, And thought, "Oh no, I might just fall!"
She called for help and soon enough, Her friends came by and gave a big huff. They lifted her up and she realized, That sometimes adventures can be disguised.
So the girl went back to her skipping game, And danced and sang with a new-found aim. She learned that sometimes it's best to stay, And that being herself was the only way.
So if you see a girl in a land so bright, Dancing and singing and feeling so light, Just remember that trying new things is grand, But being yourself is always in demand!

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