24 May 2023

Good Afternoon.

This is an introduction post as I am new to BULB, although I have been writing about Crypto on another blog site for over a year now. I have always wanted to write and enjoy it a lot.

I first got into crypto when I ordered my first Helium miners over 2 and a half years ago now, and had to learn everything from scratch from buying my first crypto to buy the actual miners to understanding the terminology used and setting up wallets, the list is endless but it was something I enjoyed as reading is also a passion. That is handy as I went from not knowing what a white paper was to reading hundreds of them.

Although I have what some would call strong opinions on Helium now, it helped me learn more about Crypto in general so for that I will be grateful. My eyes are well and truly open now.

I had a wild stint in node season to test the waters, but only investing small amounts (not my best move!) as well as a great stint in some DeFi protocols where 'yes' I did make some money but found it to be really stressful, constantly on edge, watching charts at all hours of the day and praying there would be no rug pull, hoping that I would 'get out in time'. All the time I was constantly researching and learning as much as I could.

It was then I decided that I needed some long term plan as well as some short play's and there began the start of acquiring BTC. I am still convinced that I made the right decision there and I do hold a few altcoins as well so I am pleased to have a decent portfolio now. I am looking for a wild card, the small cap gem that will 'go to the moon' but then I guess everyone is.

Then I learnt about faucets and sites where you earn micro payments of crypto (most people seem to start with faucets, I had a cold wallet before I knew you could get free crypto!) I have a few sites I use in the morning while having a cup of tea or 2 which I believe will be great one day. A few sats might not be much now but neither was the 5 BTC you could get on the first faucet site back then. (I often wonder if people held their free BTC from the early faucet.)

There have been many ups and downs since I got involved with crypto but it is now a passion and I am thoroughly enjoying every moment, and long may it continue.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and please feel free to comment.

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Which faucets are you getting sats from?
I like defi. I don't find it stressful because I use yield aggregators and I only invest in projects with some sort of volume and usage. Even the "meme" coins I'm in, I'm not holding, I'm holding and yielding, that's because people are actively using them in different applications. I really struggle to get on board with Bitcoin. I'm invested in one of the scaling solutions, Stacks, via ALEX, but even then it's a sub optimal experience as opposed to defi elsewhere. That and Bitcoin has been hard forked so many times it's kinda of a dice roll as to where it'll be in a few years time. That community is so splintered that we could easily see another half dozen hard forks and that might totally destroy the confidence of the market in using it.
I had the chance to start early in crypto but blew it. I knew about Bitcoin in its early days but dismissed it as a fad because the concept of mining money felt like fantasy (I definitely regret that choice). Ethereum finally got me into crypto. In those days, I was actually interested in the technology (the EVM and the programming language) and not the token. My interest in the coins and tokens came much later. All said , it has been an interesting ride with crypto.