Tips for Effective Brainstorming

21 Feb 2023

Brainstorming is a prewriting technique designed to bring subconscious ideas into consciousness. It is a crucial stage in the writing process where the writer begins generating ideas, exploring those ideas and developing what will become his topic, thesis and ultimately his essay. Knowing the benefits of brainstorming for writing and the various brainstorming techniques you can use while writing can help you become a more developed and seasoned writer.

Brainstorming Tips for Effective writing

Brainstorming begins when a writer has successfully chosen a topic and this can be carried out following the easy steps below.
Identification of the purpose and the audience
Knowing the purpose of writing is a major boost that will quickly guide a writer through all the initial confusions associated with writing. The knowledge on the audience to which he or she is writing to is another important guide that will direct a writer on his or her choice of word while writing.

Free Writing / Listing

This is a timed process whereby a writer designate a duration where he thinks intensively and extensively to birth ideas that he will then write into a piece of paper. It involves writing all the ideas that come to your mind without stopping to develop them. It also deals with letting your thoughts flow freely into a piece of paper. These ideas may be written in a list format.


At this stage, the writer links two or more similar ideas to make them produce a formidable point. These ideas are form the quota in which the writer wish to pass across to his readers. To write a more eye-catching essay, the next step is very important.


There is no topic that has not been written about. Hence, for a writer to gain an in-depth knowledge of what he wishes to pass across, he must perform a research to gain insight as well as broaden his or her horizons when she begins writing. Researching about a particular fact is the penultimate step to a good brainstorming and when this step is accomplished, a writer is assured of producing a beautiful piece of writing.

In a nutshell, brainstorming stands as a major step that every writer must navigate through to produce a wonderful essay that will stand a test of time.

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