I female lecturer petitions the University of Ibadan Senate over dismissal, VC summoned

23 Jan 2023

The Senate has called University of Ibadan Vice Chancellor Prof. Kayode Adebowale to appear before it in connection with allegations of assault, collusion, and victimization against female lecturer Dr. Adenike Ogunshe of the Department of Microbiology.

During a panel hearing in Abuja, the Senate's committee on Ethics, Privileges, and Public Petitions issued the order.
Senator Ayo Akinyelure, the chair of the committee, mentioned that Ogunshe had sent a petition to the Senate roughly seven years ago, appealing for reinstatement after the institution had terminated her position.

In the appeal, Ogunshe begged the Senate to require the university administration to abide by a court ruling requiring her reinstatement.

The lecturer stated that by having her employment terminated, she lost the chance to become the country's first female microbiology professor.
As a result, she requested the Senate to question the university's vice chancellor and registrar.

In a portion of her petition that was read aloud during the most recent panel meeting, Ogunshe claimed that a grand conspiracy had been hatched against her.
Akinyelure bemoaned the fact that numerous invitations to the university administration to come before his panel had gone unanswered.
If the Vice Chancellor does not personally come before the panel at the following meeting, the Senate, according to him, may impose the proper punishment.

"We are cautioning the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan to respect the Nigerian Senate as a crucial democratic institution," the senator continued. This woman was rejected from being the country of Nigeria's first microbiology professor.

“If the authorities of the University of Ibadan failed to appear before the Senate next (this) week and explain why this woman should not be reinstated, we would recommend sanctions against the institution.
“The woman went to court to challenge her termination of appointment and the court voided the action of the university. The authorities did not appeal against the verdict or apply for a stay of execution five months after the verdict was delivered.
“The VC should respect the laws of the land by obeying the judgment of the court and reinstating the woman. Failure to do so would amount to contravening the Nigerian constitution.”

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