The dying love

22 Jul 2022

We met in the past by accident
We were just mere strangers
After the incident
I thought nothing could ever change us

I thought we'd last forever
Just like in Fairy tales
I thought we'd remain lovers
Just like everyone else

Things changed all of a sudden
We started drifting apart
We never talked so often
We no longer had each other's back

I knew the love was certainly dying
I knew someone else was involved
You loved the truth more than lying
You said we were no longer in love

Take it like an advice in every piece
Men have ways you'll never understand 
We too have weaknesses 
It's not easy to be a man

That's how Strangers became friends
And friends, best friends and then lovers
And from lovers back to strangers again
It hurts to know it's over

Jude Umoren, 'The Dying love' (online, 2018) <>.

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