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23 May 2024

Westminster Abbey is associated with historical events of the British Royal Family

Westminster Abbey is an abbey located in central London, where coronations and other national ceremonies take place. Westminster Abbey has been the soul of England for thousands of years, symbolizing the cultural beauty and long history of England. When visiting Westminster Abbey in England, visitors will experience not only unique architecture but also discover important historical events of the "foggy country". This is where the coronations of British kings and queens took place, and is also the burial place of many members of the British Royal Family and other famous figures in the country's history.

An overview of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is located west of the Palace of Westminster and includes the Guildhall Church of St. Peter and the Lady Henry VII Chapel. It is an important historical symbol of Britain. The total area of ​​Westminster Abbey is more than 2,970 m2, built mainly with limestone from the Cean region of France, Reigate stone from Surrey and marble from Purbeck, Dorset, England.
According to legend, King Saberht, the first person to bring Christianity to the East Saxons, founded a church on a small island located in the Thames River area.

Originally, the island was called Thorney, but later became known as West Minster (or monastery), and this is where Saint Peter was consecrated. Around 785, a monastic community was present on the island and the church was expanded and reconstructed by St. Dunstan of Canterbury circa 960. King St. Edward the Confessor built a new church on this site and he was canonized here on December 28, 1065. In 1245, Henry III destroyed Edward's entire church and replaced it with the present abbey building in Gothic style. Its design and structure are strongly influenced by contemporary French cathedral architecture.

The process of rebuilding the nave in the Norman style began in the late 1300s under the architect Henry Yevele and continued into the Tudor period. However, early English Gothic architecture, under King Henry III, still prevails and makes the building appear to have been built during the same period.

The west towers were the last to be added to the building. Although it is rumored that they were designed by Sir Christopher Wren, they were actually built by Nicholas Hawksmoor and John James and completed in 1745. The abbey was heavily damaged during World War II due to air raids in London, but was restored after the war.

To this day, the original Norman architectural details are still preserved on the curved door frames and large pillars in the cloisters of the monastery. Inside the church, high domes and crisscrossing Gothic architecture create a large space. The central area is where the main worship ceremonies take place, with two rows of delicately and intricately designed seats for teachers.

Unique architecture of Westminster Abbey

From the outside, Westminster Abbey will make you fascinated with its Gothic twin towers and pinnacles reaching into the sky. The northern area of ​​the monastery displays historical depictions created by talented British artisans. Besides, the western gate area has a memorial to Winston Churchill with colorful graves and poppies. What makes this monastery particularly impressive is its Norman architecture, with curved doors and huge pillars in the monastery's corridors.

Inside the monastery's cathedral, you will marvel at the high domes and unique Gothic architecture, with intersecting diagonal lines creating a beautiful space. The shrine area is where holy rituals are held, with sophisticated and meticulous wooden furniture, creating solemnity and nobility.

When you approach the North door of Westminster Abbey, a wonderful historical pictorial space will open before your eyes. This is a place to display beautiful works of art by talented artists, creating a special and attractive space. At the West Door you will see a memorial dedicated to Winston Churchill, who became a great icon in British history and politics. This memorial sits next to the royal graveyards along with the graves of famous figures such as Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and many others.

In total, Westminster Cathedral has more than 600 walls and monuments, an incredible treasure trove of art. This place is also the final resting place of more than 3,000 people, creating a solemn and solemn space.

Westminster Abbey is associated with historical events of the British Royal Family

Westminster Abbey is also a place associated with happy and sad historical events of the British Royal Family. This place has hosted 16 weddings of members of the British Royal Family. The memories are indelible in the hearts of the British people when Princess Elizabeth officially married Prince Philip on November 20, 1947. This wedding brought indescribable joy and hope to the whole nation, especially after two painful years of World War II. The image of Princess Elizabeth walking down the aisle in her wedding dress has become a symbol of hope and happiness, and created beautiful memories in the hearts of the British people.

Westminster Abbey also became an important place in history when it hosted the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The splendid ceremony attracted more than 27 million television viewers and 11 million radio listeners. and 8,000 lucky guests to be present in person. This is a memorable event in the UK's historical journey. This is also the resting place of kings, queens, nobles and famous clergy such as Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary, Darwin and many others.

When you come to Westminster Abbey, you will be fascinated by this enchanting place. Here, you will admire unique architectural buildings. But not only that, you also have the opportunity to take beautiful, sparkling photos at this monastery, creating memorable memories during your trip.

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