Daily Digest(9th August 2022)

9 Aug 2022

Daily Digest (August 9, 2022)

🔸 OpenSea backs NFT minting platform Fair. xyz in $4.5 million round.

🔸 MetaverseGo raises$4.2 million to ease onboarding for blockchain-based games.

🔸 BitMex's Greg Dwyer changes  plea to guilty in criminal proceedings.

🔸 Bit Digital mined  111% more bitcoin in July over June.

🔸 Blockchain analytics platform Merkle Science raises $19m to take on bridge exploits.

🔸 Crypto analytics platform Messari plots raise  at $300 million valuation.

🔸 Reddit is integratingwith FTX, allowing users to pay gas fees for the platform’s token using Fiat.

🔸 Crypto exchange Nuri, previously called Bitwala, files  for insolvency in Germany.

🔸 Tron DAO Reserve gives Wintermute the right to mint and burn USDD.

🔸 Nerdystar announced a $5.8 million seed round to produce blockchain games based on Line Games web2 brands.

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