9 Feb 2024

Welcome to the MAX Score Airdrop Event, my friends. Here, I will share with you the process of participating in the event. You can already see the video on Twitter. First of all, the Unreferenced site link you need to enter; First of all, let me explain the importance of MAX Score. Earning MAX Scores indicates your eligibility for future $MAX token pools. The more MAX Scores you accumulate, the more $MAX tokens you will receive. Now, there are two main ways to earn MAX Score: Base Points and Multiplier. To calculate your Max Score, you need to multiply your Base Points by the Multiplier.

There are three different ways to earn Base Points: Starter Rewards, Raffle Rewards, and Quest Rewards. Starter Rewards are based on the contents of your wallet. In particular, Web3 gaming interactions and NFTs you own are important. During the activation process, you can claim your starting rewards by connecting your wallet and clicking the “Activate” button on the event home page. You can get a 10x multiplier by using the invite link. Raffle Prizes are obtained by winning keys and participating in raffles.
You can earn keys daily and participate in raffles with these keys. Quest Rewards are earned by completing certain quests. These tasks can be one-time, daily, or in series. You may need to connect your Twitter and Discord accounts to complete tasks. To increase your multiplier, you can own MATR1X NFT or invite your friends using the invite link.
You can also increase your multiplier through invitation codes. Finally, everyone who attends the event will receive the MATR1X Pioneer Badge NFT Collection as a reward. There are two different badges in this collection: the Basic Pioneer Badge and the Premium Pioneer Badge. To earn a Premium Pioneer Badge, you can contribute to MATR1X or increase your participation by producing creative content related to the event.

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