Miracles Coming

7 Mar 2023

Miracles come in many forms, A breeze that calms the raging storms, A flicker of hope that warms, A heart that mends and reforms.
It's the unexpected twist of fate, A second chance before it's too late, A path that leads to a brand new gate, A light that shines through life's dark crate.
Miracles heal the wounded soul, They lift us up to reach our goal, And help us find a higher role, That makes us strong, and fills us whole.
It's the strength to stand, when we fall, A voice that whispers, "you can do it all", A hand that lifts us when we crawl, And a presence that surrounds us all.
Miracles are a gift of grace, A sign that love still has a place, A hope that carries us through the race, And a reminder of life's endless space.
So let us embrace these miracles true, And cherish each moment that's anew, For they remind us of the love that's due, And the magic that makes life worth pursuing.

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