How To Stop Overeating

23 Jun 2022

★ In today's life, *Overeating* is a battle that many people *DEAL* with

● Do you know that Overeating is easy to do, especially when you’re indulging in an unusually delicious meal!!

Use these *EIGHT Helpful and Effective WAYS* that can help you to Stop Overeating once and for all !!

1. Eat slowly and sit in SukhAsan: Eat slowly as we need to chew our food well and make it semi-liquid in the mouth itself so that it becomes easy to digest. SukhAsana- The best thing to do for good digestion, assimilation. It is the old ayurvedic way of teaching us the best way to calm our mind, connect to mother earth and then connect to our food.

2. Use smaller plates and bowls: This simple technique will make you conscious of how much you eat. It will control portion size. It also gives you an idea of when to stop.

3. Eat a salad before meals: Automatically you will eat less as salad eating, in the beginning, will give you a satiety value making you feel full.

4. Don't eat while watching tv, mobile or working: The biggest problem of getting distracted will lead to overeating. So no gadgets or else you will end up eating more calories. Connect only and only with your food and mind. Enjoy every bite of your food and be conscious while eating.

5. Don't skip meals: Eating at regular intervals won't make you fat, deprived and have no hunger pangs! But when large gaps are kept, we tend to eat too much at one time. And that might trouble you with gas, bloating or acidity.

6. Eat more fiber in meals: Eating fiber will add bulk in your stomach and give you satiety making you feel full! It also relieves you from constipation and clears bowel movements.

7. Drink a glass of water 20-30 mins before your meals: Again this hack saves you from overeating as you are already full. Drinking water also helps in good digestion.

8. Manage your emotions well: Find ways to be happy. So a simple hack will save your overall health. No matter what, your emotional well-being conveys your physical health. When you are sad, angry or fearful, you tend to overeat. So be happy

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