Tangled, A Social Network To Earn Millix Cryptocurrency.

21 Nov 2023

A few days ago, reading an article by @HattyHats in Publish0x, I "discovered" in its referral links the Tangled social platform, where users can earn the Millix cryptocurrency in different ways. As I have commented in other articles, I am not one of those people who uses social networks to "socialize" precisely, but it always catches my attention to find spaces where profits can be obtained with little or no investment, especially because although I may not personally use, at least it allows me to share it so that others have the opportunity to benefit from it.

In Tangled you will receive payments in Millix, a cryptocurrency that is based on a unique and efficient consensus algorithm. Unlike blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, Millix is built on the logic of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) to achieve transaction speed and capacity that increases as more transactions and users are added (This topic may be expanded upon in my next article).

This free social network is very intuitive and easy to use, and is also available for all types of operating systems and devices (Android and iOS). You just have to create your profile and start using it to earn Millix cryptocurrency. You won't need to have any prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies, as Tangled offers you a complete guide and ongoing technical support. Additionally, you can send and receive Millix to other wallets, exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, or donate it to social and environmental projects.

How-To: get started on Tangled Social and become a Top Earner

How-To: Earning Millix on Tangled Social


💲 StormGain - They can start without investment, capital is acquired for free with the Bitcoin Cloud Miner

💲 QuantFury (Invite Code: JRRU2593) - Join using my invite code: JRRU2593 and we will both receive a free share like AAPL or UBER, or crypto like BTC or ETH (up to $250). Trade and invest with no commissions or borrowing fees at real-time spot prices from the NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, Bats, Binance and Coinbase exchanges. With a good marketing management you have the possibility of obtaining passive profits without operating in the market.

💲 BingX - Called "The People's Exchange", it places a strong emphasis on social trading and offers its clients extensive features: new user rewards, demo account, high leverage, spot trading, standard and perpetual futures, grid trading, copy feed , etc.

💲 Bitrefill - Living with crypto, a philosophy of financial freedom. Travel, play, eat and live with BTC.

💲 AddmeFast - Earn daily Crypto. Promote and increase the sources of traffic, visibility, reach and reputation of your social networks.

💲 TangledBulbPublish0x, Ecency - Earn Cryptocurrency, NFT or Money daily for reading or writing articles and interacting with posts among other tasks.

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Tangled is a nice project, it deserves more attention!
I use Tangled and am very satisfied.
Just new to me , I think I missed the article of Hatyhats! . Tangled looking promising project.
Very interesting article, thanks!