Prospect of Virtual Currency and Bitcoin Cash

8 Nov 2023

Virtual currency, digital currency and crypto currency are faces of one coin which comes in paperless legal tender. It have unique cyber security features and technology which changing the financial landscape globally in quick time. The adoption of such currency has strong logics of believe in modernization of financial freedom. CBDC are best to adopt and prevent earlier from inaccuracies of finance module.

New inventions always bring easiness, quickness and smartness. These characteristics were lacking in financial field. That gap bring an idea to Satoshi Nakamoto for crypto currency in shape of Bitcoin (2008). This invention filled the gap of lacking fiat finance module in terms of time , heavier transactions, paperwork and queues. Crypto gives more edge in the reference of financial freedom due to its sovereign asset value which didn't issues by any central government and didn't have control by single authority.

No doubt crypto version of finance has high Risk for investors but those who understand it's tricky pitch gets high returns. Still it's decentralised system making it superior and safer where no one can alter, touch or modify the transaction. Bitcoin is iconic symbol in crypto currency market and trend setter but it lacking in small utility transaction capability due to its algorithm, block size and fee structure.

Crypto adoption is massive especially institutionalised one giving boost it and the chart given below of the previous year proving it.
(Chart source)

Bitcoin Cash , A magical Crypto.

The creation of Bitcoin Cash in second halving of Bitcoin in 2017 made possible things much softer , easier and faster. It's huge block size made dream true of Satoshi. A dream to create a currency which can fill the all characteristics of fiat with extra secured and safe features.

(Image source)

These characteristics of Bitcoin Cash bring a new revolution in crypto world and mass crypto engagement seen around. Normal retailers and chain businesses modify the payment methods and a new world born with thousands of merchants with BCH as payment handlers. A dream comes true to send/receive the amount in lowest amount (SATs) . Is it possible in other currency? May be not , Only possible with BCH , SOL and few more.

The store value increased and Crypto reached in lower level of world like Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Philippines. Bitcoin cash becomes an identity in presenting the crypto in third world countries which are high populated and have mostly young generation.

Bitcoin cash did magic in recent year when it get the place in institutional adoption with other highly ranked crypto assets like BTC, ETH ,SOL and LTC.

The data above From Cointelegraph showing its rise in June this year when it surges 300%+ . Bitcoin cash maintained that momentum until today and most possibly will go further in coming months especially when halving time arriving soon in first quarter of 2024.

Virtual currency especially crypto made life easier and it has bright future. We need to understand it's trigonometry, boundaries and chain system to be better user and beneficiary of this modern revolutionary financial freedom.

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virtual or digital currencies diverting the financial transactions more faster and transparent with records. btc or bch in crypto has great examples where people tuning more smarter in investments.
I don't quite agree; as of today, SmartBCH has been a complete failure.
BCH has great potential to be best alternative of fiat. Future is bright for crypto in modern finance.
BCH is one of my top favorite projects. Fast, secure, small fees, and easy to use. I am excited to see what the future holds for BCH. BCH can handle 100 transactions per second which is awesome but it does have some serious competition such as SOL (65,000 TPS) for one example. I think each project has its purpose though. Thanks for the great read.
BCH is one of my favorite blockchain
Thanks for the article and perspective
Great Article
Any reason why an individual, blockchain project, or organization should choose BCH over SOL?
Biggest problem
Next era will be only digital and crypto as payment method.
The hard fork in 2017 splitted away BCH. I wonder how BCH can compete to other cryptos (e. g. LTC) aiming for the same: fast transactions.
I think degital currency users are increasing day by day so it's give lot of opportunities and options to people so it's changed everything in coming days maybe.
Thanks for the article. Beautiful and interesting
I'd rather not into a BCH
Great Article
Thanks @AmjadAli for your Article. It is a little insight into the history of the crypto world and Bitcoin Cash BCH. Yes BCH is fast and cheaper than its mother Bitcoin. But will it prevail? Everyone just talks about Bitcoin.
Interesting read. Never been a great fan of BCH when there's so many good alts to chose from
Nice article and read