Evmos holder another airdrop.

25 May 2022

Airdrop $MSN by MESON FI.

All evmos users who claim before the 20th of May will get a $MSN airdrop, the airdrop will enter automatically. Check regularly on meson.fi
The TOTAL airdrop has been increased from 1 million $MSN to 5 million $MSN.
$MSN airdrop will be bridged/redeemed to USDC/USDT ratio of 100 $MSN / 1 USDC/USDT.
Link bridge : meson.fi

How to claim Rektdrop❓

To claim your Rektdrop, you will have to perform four claiming actions on the Evmos blockchain. Each action will reward you with 25% of your total claimable Evmos tokens. These four actions are:
Get involved with the Evmos community by voting on a governance proposal
Provide security by staking (aka. delegating) your EVMOS tokens to a Validator
Execute a cross-chain transfer between Evmos and Osmosis/Cosmos Hub
Interact with decentralized applications (dApps) deployed on the Evmos EVM

Info link : https://medium.com/@mesonfi/cross-chain-airdrop-by-meson-on-evmos-bf162db0807e
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