The woman king movie review.

21 Dec 2022

I saw this movie a while ago and I decided to drop my review about it. So here we go.
The woman king a movie that is has Action, history, historical drama, historical fiction as it genre. This movie has alot of scenes where African female warriors are trained to be strong and fierce to fight to protect their kingdom from slave traders who happen to be their enemy.
The film stars Viola Davis as the general who is in charge of these female warriors, she trains them to fight their enemies. These women are not allowed to get married, have a family or have anything with anyone outside the walls of the kings palace because it will lead to distraction. These female warriors are known as the kings guards.
A young girl is brought to the king’s palace by her father who has tried to marry her out several times but she ends up fighting these men. She is being trained into becoming one of the king’s guards but she is very stubborn, wants to do things her own ways which actually works out for her.
After the induction day, Viola Davis finds out that she is her daughter who was given out to the orphanage many years ago which reminds her of everything she went through.
Viola Davis soon faces her greatest enemy who raped her when she was captured and she needs to fight and defeat this enemy in other to save her kingdom from slave traders and conquer her greatest enemy who has her daughter and one of her greatest warriors in captivity. Viola Davis disobeys her king and matches with some of her warriors to fight this enemy and they eventually conquered set slaves free and brought the captives home and the king named her the woman king.
This is one of the greatest movie I have seen, I love the staging, the costumes, the training. Everything was Epic, the kings intonation was top notch, these women looked like Real African warriors, fierce and strong.
The Director of the movie Gina prince-Bythewood did an awesome job.

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