Who could defeat Thor??

30 Jul 2022

Thor is one of the most strongest avengers in marvel cinematic universe. Thor has superstamina, superstrength, super healing factor. He uses mostly Mlojnir and strombreaker as weapon. Mlojnir  and strombreaker is able to summon the greater lightening while strombreaker can also helps to open bifrost. Apart from it, Thor has many years of battle and combat experience. Thor has fought many supervillians. Apart from his weapon , he himself is god of Thunder. His strength level is unmatched. 

Now. let's talk about which could defeat himself. Here , all characters are from Marvel Cinematic universe. We willn't consider most powerful entity like eternity , death , tribunal and many other powerful being who could destroy whole universe.  So, here are list of people who could defeat him : 

1) Scarlet witch if she uses trick aganist him first : Wanda with knowledge of Darkhold can defeat Thor if she stood a chance first not to tackle but trick the Thor. She had already tricked Thor and many other avengers in Age of Ultron. But if it's fair fight between them, Thor will win.

2)Odin with Odinforce : Although Asgardian are all powerful. But if Odin has odinforce , he could defeat Thor easily. Remember Thor has also power to summon Odinforce but only after Odin's death. No two person can have power to summon it at a time. When past king dies, it will automatically transfer to new King.

3) Thanos with all gaunlet :   Although Thanos had defeated Thor without gaunlet in endgame. The main reason was that Thor was in depression and out of his control in those times. Otherwise , without gaunlet , Thanos never has chance to beat him . Thor with strombreaker has hitted Thanos even with gaunlet , that's only because Thanos never knew about strombreaker powers earlier.

4) Dormammu : Although, doctor strange defeat Dormammu, the reason was only because of time loop. So, if time loop trick isn't consider then Dormammu is too powerful to take down all avengers and superheroes all at a same time.

5) Hela : Hela could easily defeat aganist Thor , we see that in Thor ragnarok. Apart from it, Hela has control over death.

Ok, if I consider if some other character will defeat Thor , I will publish in next blogs. This much in my mind now. Comment down if you know who could defeat him.

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