10 Way TO Avoid Wastage OF Water

9 Jun 2022

Here is the 10 ways to avoid wastage of water. Water is very necessary for our life. It is very precious so it must be conserved. People are using water more than their needs they are wasting water. Average daily use of water per person is 40 litres per day. But people use more than the quantity. Water is very essential for the survival of all the living. We must try to save water. We should use only as much quantity that we need. We must not use more than our need.

1. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

2. Check the pipes and faucets if they is any leak repair it quickly

3. Don't let the water to flow while washing vegetables, fruits etc.

4. Use a bucket and a mug instead of a shower bath

5. Irrigate your lawn only when there is need of irrigation.

6. Don't take bath for a long time

7. If your are washing dishes with your hands , don't let the water to flow continuously. Turn it off when not in use

8. Don't run the hose while washing your car

9. Take a quick bath

10. Turn off the taps tightly so that water will not flow when not in use

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