Android or IOS

22 Jul 2022

Well, these topics really need to based on people's choice to take either android or IOS mobile phones but there are certain things that makes anyone to think to use either of them . Let's talk in short.

Reasons to choose Android 
1) Big community : It's easier to do things in android as most of things/ apps made are more available in android community first.
2) Low prices phones : There are also expensives phones on android but many people uses low prices ones. People who have more budget for their phone are less likely to choose Android.
3) Big marketing policy

Reasons to choose IOS
1) High security : In terms of security and data handling , IOS is far better than android.
2) Better performance : Well , they have their own OS system which is highly praised .
3) Social status: People with IOS phones more praised during occasion than with android either it's for perfromance or any other purposes.

Disadvantages : 
1) Android users gets low secure and many apps built on android might just be mis-data handler.
2) IOS users may be deprived from the really well known features.

Final Decision: 
1) you should choose Android if you are on low budgets
2) You should choose IOS for more security and data handling purposes.

At the ends, it's upto you to choose your own phone. 
Comment down for your main reasons to use your phone.

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My choice will be Android as always Because I'm a heavy user. So it's best
Android for airdrops better ...
As we all know that Android is cheaper in price. So mostly people prefer to use Android instead of having an ios device
We should choose the phone according to our budget. If it's high then we can go with ios Or else can go with android
It's depends upon person to person Means about their usage . Android is basically cheaper than iphone. By the way which phone do you have draxpart?
Currently using android..will switch to IOS sometime
It's depends upon the person to person usage. Whether their usage is for ios or they should go with Android.
I will go with Android What's your choice?
I will go with Android alwayas