How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship ? (Part 4)

6 Jul 2022

Soooo hey guys out there i hope you all are having a good day. Its been a long time i havent posted here , because i was having health isuues, from today it would be regular posts delivered to you all. 

Lets start with todays blog. 

Making your partner feel special - If someone asks you what is love what would you say ? Probably my answer will be love is a feeling for someone which you cant feel with any other person. If you love someone you will always feel better when you are with them , no matter how many problems are going on in your life , still that special one can make you smile , thats what love is where you forget your pain after seeing someones smile. 

There is a very famous saying that people will forget what you did for them , people  will forget how you treated them , but they will never forget how you made them felt. 

Sooo in a relationship it is utmost important thing to make your loved ones feel special. 

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