Only girl

10 Aug 2022

I came to this world innocently
As a result of what my parents did
I still believe nature sent me
The only did better when they took heed

It's not easy to be the only girl
In the family of four boys
My parents treated me like a precious pearl
I was the reason for their noise

Eventually,my brothers developed jealousy
They said I was getting the bigger portion
Everything they said were fallacy
They said I had all of the attention

I was thinking and wondering
Until my head wanted to explode
Always the same question: why me?
But the answer is still untold

It's not as if I was better than
All of them combined
I felt hatred like cold in the harmattan
I just hoped we'll be fine

Just like Joseph, they'd have put me on sale
But it wasn't my fault to be the only girl

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It's normal for male siblings to bully the only hirl