The problem with highlighting "Women in Web3"

14 Aug 2023

As much as "Web3" remains a buzzword in 2023, so is the hype around the phrase "Women in Web3."
This is problematic.
Before I get a bunch of feminists leaving their disgruntled comments, let me explain.

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry

I have never been one to shy away from things I've wanted to do or experience I've wanted to have. Not for any reason, and certainly not because of my gender. I try things and, like many people, fail, but remain persistent, as that is the only way to experience growth.
When I entered the crypto space at the beginning of 2022, I was so intimidated by the tech and the jargon, that it didn't initially occur to me that I was stepping into a male-dominated industry, or that it would arise as an issue at any point.
My first enlightening experience was at a conference in Croatia (BlockDown), when I was ready to start networking, only to be suddenly confronted with rooms packed full of men. Not a female face to be seen anywhere.
My first troubling experience occurred months later when, at another conference, a man I was speaking to suggested that I only took my job because I had decided to live in my husband's city and therefore needed to find some kind of occupation. I corrected him immediately by saying that I had, in fact, developed and worked on my career and profession for over a decade, long before I even met my partner.
While the gender gap remains real, even at more local meet-ups, where the female presence is shockingly low - I often refer to these events as "sausage fests" - I don't believe that emphasizing our gender does much in the way of helping our cause. That being that women play on an even playing field as men within the tech industry.

The issue with highlighting our gender

Every time I see events or groups using the term (or variation of) "women in web3" or "women in tech," it bothers me. I just don't see how giving women their own stage and singling out communities by their gender helps bring women closer to being considered for their abilities.
What I would prefer to see is more C Level women up on stages alongside C Level men, talking about world-changing topics at the best conferences worldwide, without any mention anywhere that yes, it is indeed a female and shouldn't we be celebrating that?
What I mean to say is that if we want more women to get into the tech industry and to achieve everything that a man can, we should stop putting a focus on what sets us apart and start focusing on the skills, talent, and capabilities of females.
Because yes, women CAN do anything and I only wish to see more women in crypto and tech at large.
We don't need our own groups or events. We need to step up and show up, perform, and work hard to get to where we want.

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It's not easy for ladies in this space so any time we can recognize them, let's just do
Yeah I don't see the harm. As @Zion rightly pointed out it's not easy so why not highlight? Anyone who feels threatened by that or think's it's doing more harm than good needs to step back and think just exactly where those thoughts are coming from. Spoiler alert: It's not a good place.