My First Ever Movie Experience in Theatre

10 Oct 2022

I love to watch movies, but i never goes to the day my friends told me that KGF chapter 2 is releasing..And i already knew that these movie is going to rock...because KGF chapter 2 is most awaited movie of tollywood industry..i already watched chapter 1 & i seriously waiting for the chapter i thaught that these is the best time to experience movie in theatre.

So me & my friends decides to watch that...& We planned for tommarow my friend vishal booked our tickets through online payment so,as our show time in early morning at 8 o'clock we decide meet at 7 am.. as per our planning i went to the reliance mall met with my buddies..took some snacks in breakfast & now we are all set to watch movie. We enjoyed very much. i already show the trailer of that movie on my phone. Literally i loved the trailer very much. in this trailer there is big suspens so i can't wait to watch the movie but my friend but Vishal shows me this movie and i really enjoyed very much.

Movie started at 8 am we took our seats & starts to watch i said these is my first time i got goosebumps as our hero yasy enters with gis dashing style.. & that background bgm musict with high quality sounds i cant forget in my hole life.. bestever movie i ever experienced..also we all get et at the end of movie that chapter 3 is also coming in next year & now we are all waiting for that also...Its literally amazing..!

After that watching the movie we both going to take lunch and we both together do the lunch. That memories are very good for me. Movie and lunch both planned by my friend Vishal. This is awesome guy and his friendship was fantastic ๐Ÿ˜Š. when i told he now i went to goand what he has made a surprise for me that I don't have any idea about it. He gives me a special watch. there is no occasion like my birthday or my anniversary. But he gives me fantastic watch. I don't know why he give but that watch is awesome. Thanks to my friend Vishal. After all the activities i went to my home. First i go to my friend hostel and then I went to my home. he is a god gifted for me. I am everyday say to our god for thanks for such a amazing friendship and also stay happy to my friend. it's like ahold for me and i won't be feel a i am getting another friend like his. no no this is not possible. as my telling style you al know about our friendship it's brilliant. 

After i reached to my home my parents see watch and says this is fantastic watch. Nice of you Vishal!

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