Weight Control Tips: On Festivals

18 Oct 2022

Weight and Sugar Control Tips in Festival Sweets

It is the season of festivals and how can there be no sweets. Diwali (Diwali 2022) is ahead and sweets and dishes are to be made, in such a situation you will not be able to stop yourself from eating, so on festivals, people's weight goes up and down a little, if you control weight. Want to take care of some of our tips, by this you will be able to enjoy sweets and your weight will not increase and sugar will also be under control because sugar patients have to eat sweets thoughtfully.

Eat a lot of healthy sweets:

On Diwali, different sweets are made at different places, in which the amount of sugar is very high. Somewhere kheer, some dal pudding, somewhere barfi, some gram flour or mawa sweets, gulab jamun, jalebi etc. This makes it difficult to control sugar. In such a situation, you have to eat healthy sweets, the sweet you choose should not be too sweet. For example, you can eat Greek yogurt, chia seeds pudding, ice cream, jaggery sweets, etc., they are low in sugar and also contain nutrients.

Eat in moderation:

Whenever you are having a craving for sweets, then you should eat a little, eating too much sweet at a time can be dangerous. So eat in small amounts. Eating too much in one go can be harmful for you

Eat green vegetables before eating sweets:

Eat green vegetables before eating sweets, either drink soup, or eat vegetables, this keeps your metabolism fine and also keeps weight under control. Increase the amount of fiber in the body.

Keep carbs low:

Try to reduce the intake of snacks and other carbs, there are many dishes, oily things on the day of festivals, in such a situation, if you reduce the intake of carbs, then weight will be controlled and it is also good for diabetics.

Drink lukewarm water:

Drinking lukewarm water daily in the morning reduces weight and fat. As many days as the festival is, you must drink lukewarm water in the morning, it will improve your digestion power, reduce belly fat and obesity will not increase.

Do exercise :

Do stretching or walking daily in the morning, if you want, you can exercise, which reduces fat, reduces belly fat

These few tips will also keep the fun of your festival and your weight, sugar will also be under control.

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