I'm A Brother To The Devil

20 Apr 2024

I'm the devil, the king of pain
With a heart of stone, and a soul in vain
I roam the earth, with a wicked stride
Seeking souls to claim, and lives to divide

My eyes burn bright, with a fiery glow
My voice is smooth, with a wicked flow
I tempt and deceive, with a silver tongue
Leading the innocent, to a life that's wrong

My kingdom is darkness, my throne is despair
Where hope is lost, and love is rare
But still you're drawn, to my wicked charm
And once you're mine, you'll forever be in my arm

And here's another one:

I'm the devil, the master of deceit
With a heart of ice, and a soul that's beat
I weave a web, of lies and pain
And snare the innocent, in my wicked game

My power is great, my reign is long
And once you're mine, you'll never be strong
But still you'll come, to my wicked lair
And surrender your soul, without a care

Note: These poems are purely fictional and not meant to be taken seriously. They're just creative expressions.

I'm the devil, the prince of night
With horns and a tail, a wicked delight
I dance in the shadows, with a wicked grin
Luring souls to sin, with a twist and a spin

My heart is dark, my soul is cold
I revel in chaos, young and old
But beware, for I'm cunning and sly
And once you're mine, you'll never say goodbye

Note: This poem is purely fictional and not meant to be taken seriously. It's just a creative expression.

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