WSL Tahiti Pro, Teahupo’o

8 Aug 2022

in a few days, the next event on the Championship Tour calendar starts at the notorious Teahupo’o surf break, Tahiti, which consequently means ‘the end of the road’ in Tahitian.
This picturesque surf break on its day, is the premier Left Hander in the World, giving surfers amazing, and often huge barrelling waves, over a very shallow and razor sharp reef.
Interestingly, there have been 17 perfect ‘10’s - out of a maximum 10, in the modern day competition.
And out of these 17 perfect 10’s, Kelly Slater has the most, and is the only surfer in this upcoming Tahitian Pro, who has got a perfect 10 - actually he got 2 x perfect 10’s and has won the event 5 times, probably giving him a very good position of taking the event out for a 6th time.
Hopefully, the surf gods produce clean, perfect conditions for this fantastic competition.
Bring it on!

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It's great. That Kelly starter has the most and the only surfer in the tahitaian pro
This picturesque surf break on its day, is the premier Left Hander in the World
It's amazing success for the team. But are there some others to watch out? Keen to know
What a wonderful skill. Exist other people to be on the lookout for?
That’s a pretty amazing success rate for Slater and this combined with what is a ‘Perfect’ ride on a few occasions on this break, your prediction may hold true. What an amazing talent. Are there others to watch out for?
@south coast surfer when you say that there have been 17 perfect 10s does that mean in all the surfing competitions or just this one if not how many perfect 10s have there been ever.