Web as the new normal

12 Aug 2022

Every content creator's first priority is to create engaging and exceptional content before figuring out how to promote it through the most effective channels that are both inexpensive and highly accommodating. There are just two main goals that the newspaper seeks to accomplish.

In order to have an online presence, it is first necessary to have more reach and engagement. The second is to receive a commendable prize for his or her writing. These could be financial compensation, brand endorsement, or a market to which you can sell your material.

Web2 is the worst possible option to explore for achieving this goal because, even at its finest, it can only draw cheap exposure and not worthwhile opportunities. Only Web3 social media sites like bulbapp.io host this type of material. This is why we I implore creators to find bulb as a protocol built to service their need in a more amazing manner.

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1 Comment

I agree with the need for engaging content but not to underestimate the platform in which to promote it.