Vijay And Manoj's Match Part 5🏏

19 Oct 2022

As I explained in my last posts. Vijay and Manoj played in the biggest match. This first inning's 7 completed overs resulted in a score of 56/2. ( 7 overs). Manoj calls each player to go over the game plan. Suraj and Vijay are on the crease, and Suraj has the strike in the eighth over while Vijay is on the non-strike. Manoj made the decision to hand the eighth to Anuj. Anuj arrives to throw the eighth pitch of this inning. Anuj began throwing the eighth over. Anuj threw the first ball of the eighth over with Suraj on strike. Suraj played it very well, but he only managed to get one single. He then went to the non-strike position, where Vijay took over the strike. 
For the second ball of an eights over, Vijay has the strike. Vijay and Anuj both played excellently, however the opponent team was unable to score on the second ball of this over owing to tight fielding. Now that Anuj is ready to throw his third ball, he does so to Vijay, who only scores one run on this ball. Now that Suraj has been given a strike, Vijay is no longer on a strike. In the eighth over, Suraj attempted to play, but Anuj bowled his fourth ball exceptionally well, resulting in a dot ball. Vijay went to the area around Suraj after the fourth ball of this over and spoke with him. In this eighth over, Anuj is prepared to toss his fifth ball. The fifth ball that Anuj throws is a wide ball. Anuj throws his fifth ball once more. Suraj performed extremely well, yet he only received one single. For the final ball of this eighth over, Vijay is now given the strike. Vijay attempts to hit a massive boundary with the penultimate ball of this eighth over that Anuj tosses to him, but he is unsuccessful and only manages to get a single. In the eighth inning of this game, Anuj only allows five runs. Manoj approaches Anuj and says, "Nice bowling," because Anuj throws the ball over so beautifully.

Abhijeet was called for the ninth over, and Manoj handed it to him. Abhijeet is prepared to pitch the first inning's ninth over. Vijay is on strike for the ninth over, but Suraj is not. Vijay receives Abhijeet's opening ball of the ninth over, and while playing admirably, he only managed to get a single. Suraj is currently on strike, whereas Vijay is not. Suraj receives the second ball from Abhijeet in this ninth over, and although he played brilliantly, he only scored one run. Vijay receives a pass from Abhijeet's third ball of the ninth inning. Vijay played this ball poorly, resulting in another dot ball. Due to Abhijeet's excellent bowling performance against Vijay and Suraj, Manoj was overjoyed. Vijay receives Abhijeet's fourth ball of this 9th over, and Vijay handled it well enough to score just one run on it. For the fifth ball in this ninth over, Suraj will now receive the strike. Suraj receives Abhijeet's fifth ball of the ninth over, and while Suraj played effectively, he only managed to get a single. For the final ball in this ninth over, Suraj is in the strike zone. When Abhijeet tosses his final ball to Vijay, he does so once more with excellent accuracy, but Vijay only receives a single. In the ninth over of the first inning, Abhijeet just allows five runs. Manoj was quite pleased with both Abhijeet and Anuj because both bowlers allow only five to five runs in each of their respective overs. Now after 9 overs have been played, the opposition's score is 66/2. ( 9 overs ). Suraj had a score of 7, and Vijay received a score of 39 (35)*. When Manoj saw this scoreboard, he was quite thrilled. The speed of the scorecard reduced over the last two overs after Abhijeet and Anuj's excellent throwing throughout the opening of the inning. The match official announced a beverage break. 

At end of 9 over of this first inning opponent team score was 66/2 ( 9 overs ).

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