8 Jun 2022

We have been able to make it possible for dApps to finally work as native apps on Android, IOS and Desktop with a full scale wallet functionality on the DappStore.

We have decided to reward 10,000 of our community members and Supporters with $20 worth of $APS tokens. Follow the details and fill the instructions properly to be eligible for this Airdrop after launch. You can also join Private sale or become an Angel investors.

View detailed article on the Introduction to DappCensus HERE

When will event begin?

Event will kickstart as from 06|JUNE|2022 by 00:00 UTC + 1 and close on 30|JUNE|2022 by 11:59pm

how can i participate?

Retweet airdrop post and tag at least 3 friends. (Required)
Retweet this post and tag at least 3 friends. (Required)
Follow us on Twitter and Medium (Required)
Follow us on Telegram Channel and Telegram Group (Required)
Retweet airdrop post and tag.

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