Who are your favorite gamers and trainers?

26 Nov 2023

Hey, fellow Bulbers :) 

At the moment, I am working on a crypto-gaming project and need your help. It is about a new token called ACTIVE by YayPal.  Here is some more info you can read about the future development. For me, the whole project sounds very interesting and groundbreaking since it has a good marketing promotion and ideas for the future.

Since I have to contact some potential investors and experts, I am curious about your experience.

For example, do you follow or know somebody who is good in P2E, walk to earn, train to earn, or similar apps and cryptos? 

Also, do you use any special apps yourself as for training and gaming? It would be interesting to know since I am also new into this kind of development.

I am thankful for all your help, and you can also reach me via vladlau89@gmail.com 

Thanks for stopping by ;) 


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