My journey part 3🤩🤙

11 Oct 2022

Day 3,We all get up one by one and take a bath and after some time we get ready.We order the breakfast and sit down for decicusion on where to go the point is fixed where to but simple talking on where to go.after sometime breakfast is coming we eat the breakfast and get ready to go.we lock the room and go under in hotel cabin,pay the money and leave the hotel. I take the car and go towards my friends and search on map the location.Here is the twist the location is Alandi and dehu mandir this places are the very important of Maharashtra.This place are the identity of Maharashtra.It is also called the samadhi of Dnyaneshwar maharaj and dehu is called as the samadhi of tukaram maharaj.This place are the very nice place this place are also identity of warkari sampradaya.This place is 80 km from me,nearly 5-6 hours to go there because of traffic.We started the car and go towards the dehu because the people say,take the dehu darshan first and then take the Alandi darshan it is the original method of darshan.Now we going to first to dehu.After croos the shivaji nagar the traffic is low then we increase the speed of car.after 3 hours we get hungry and we decided to stop on any hotel and take the Lunch.after some time we get the good hotel on the left side of the highway and we stop there and park the car and go into the hotel.we take a sit and order the Lunch,the Lunch is pure vegetarian.and we also order the munchorian soup and masala papad for starter.after some time the starter is coming we start of eat and after some time the Lunch is also coimg.after lunch we order the icecream and chocobar.after it we pay the bill and leave the hotel and go in parking and start the car and going to destination point we check the location from our location the mandir is only 15km along from ours location.after some te we 
Reached at dehu the dehu mandir is very beautiful from outside and inside also.the view of that mandir very amazing and beautiful and awesome 🤩.There is no public only 20-30 people are there, we go inside the mandir take the darshan and the main characteristics of that mandir is the gatha which is return by sant Tukaram mahraj the whole gatha is writed on the wall of mandir the mandirs all wall and writing by Gatha.Gatha is all writen on the wall.this is the most ionic thing of that mandir after that we take the photos and videos and group photos and videos and go ouside the mandir and search th location of Alandi mandir and go towards the Alandi mandir after some time we reach at Alandi mandir we park the car and take the juice . The juice center is located at the parking we see it and take it.we order the juice and drink it. After there is a indrayani  river we take a bath there because those people bath in idrayani river are get  sukh shanti do,we take there bath and going for darshan their is line for darshan we join the line and take the darshan of the God the God is very beautiful the mauli Maharaj.The murti of mauli Maharaj is so amazing and beautiful.there eyes are so peace of mind such a beautiful eyes of mauli Maharaj. After darshan we go outside the mandir and 
Walk around the mandir and see the outside mandir in all directions the view of the mandir is also amazing.after that we see the time the time is 5:00 o'clock then we dicided to go at home because the journey is over.the last point of journey is the mauli Maharaj Mandir called Alandi this located 60 km from Pune this is magnificence of Pune after some time we going towards the Pune and after 3 hours we reach at Pune.we dicided to take a dinner and go towards the he  and after that we chose the hotel and eat the dinner and after that going to home and finally the journey is so amazing and beautiful 😊.

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