AI user or bot man?

10 Nov 2023

Use AI to assist your writing...Not to fully write for yourself!

Everybody uses it, and it’s okay to use AI and is even advisable. I mean that’s the purpose. But to use AI in exchange for rewards seems unethical to me. Hey, I am not stopping you ( Why would I? I am not your father) and you are free to do it, but like everything in life, there are consequences… Well, not very severe ones - Bummer I must say.

First of all, I am an AI advocate, and I think it makes total sense. It’s super helpful for me, in the writing processes and other working processes, so yes, I am all up for AI usage.
With that in mind... I AM NOT A BOT! I have a mind of my own, and even though I am lazy, I am not that lazy to stop thinking or analyzing determinate situations.

OK then, AI abuser. Some reasons why I think, you are making a huge mistake, just by becoming a bot, with no mind or soul of yours:

Are you really learning?
Sure buddy, it's quick and convenient - somehow it reminds me of your GF (I am just joking and being immature because since this text isn't AI generated, I can be myself) - but here's the catch: when you “beg” AI to do the whole thing, you're missing out on the good stuff – the learning.
Think about it (if you still have any cells left, AI boy). Writing it's about the journey, and when AI does everything, you're skipping the brainstorming and the trial-and-error process that shapes you into a better individual.

Look at what you write, as your CV
So you want to get a job in Web3…But you don’t have a website or a Twitter where you regularly post and share your views…Hmm. If only there was a place where you could show what you are worth and your knowledge… Oh, wait there is! The articles you write (dances in happiness). Oh wait again…You didn’t write them, AI did.
Do you think a recruiter cannot understand if your content was 99.9% generated by an algo? Way to go brosky. The time that you decided not to invest, brought you 0 results…Who would think? Right?! Right?!

Are you even real?
Ah, the human touch (keep abusing AI, and you will never feel it anon). That is what's missing when AI takes the wheel completely.
Imagine reading an article that's very well executed but feels like nothing – no personality, no just words strung together.
If I wanted to speak with a chatbot, I would go to the support of all the projects I am involved in. Where is the humor, your own thoughts? Where are the emotions? C'mon man, you don't have to be a writer, but at least write...
We want to connect with a real person, not an algorithm. Who is the real you after all?
What kind of engagement do you expect long term, if you offer the exact same thing as the other million people generating the same text over and over again?

Do you even agree with the info generated?
Here's the kicker: do you actually agree with what Chat GPT or other tool comes up with? Or are you just hitting publish out of laziness?\C'mon my dude...use your voice! Do not lose your voice in the process.
Agreeing with your content is kind of a big deal, right? I mean, after all, "you are, what you write" (yes, I am an unfunny alcoholic, as you can see by my texts). If you're just slapping your articles without a second thought, do you even have a back spine?
At least take a minute, to read what was drafted, and ask yourself, "Is this really me?", "Do I identify with this BS?"
Don't let convenience destroy authenticity. Your voice matters, even if it takes a bit longer to make it heard.

So yeah! I am not a hypocrite, I do use AI, and is an excellent tool, that helps me a bunch, but I always try (and I think in a better or worse way), to bring my personal approach to the table, because what I write is what I believe in. I don't use AI to write, I use AI to assist me.

Thank you very much for reading. Hope you have enjoyed the article! Would really appreciate it if you could drop a follow on 👉🏽Twitter(X)👈🏽

See you soon fam!

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Completely agree. It's better to keep working on our skills rather than relying on AI all the time.
Ai is the most convenient way their in no need to work on computer repetitively.
I agree! AI should be an aid, not completely replace us. Great article, as always mate! :)
Artificial intelligence technology is here to assist us , translate for us and give us hints and points but we can't rely on it for our full article. Because? It has no emotions and feelings which are beauty of any content. I got penality in January this year when one of my article on Publish0x removed from timeline due to excessive ( more then 10%) Al base write up.
Well AI is kind time-sensitive and also minimizes human error so the latter says it all
Very nice and interesting article, thank you!
great article
Nice write up. Think AI is a useful assistant, but you can't beat something written by a talented author. Thanks!
Agreed, AI is a better shovel. Doesn't mean you can sit back and let it do the work. Just means you can do better work. Just like the shovel you were using before. And the one you pick up next. I like this phrase I heard the other day: "AI won't take your job. But what will happen is someone using AI tools will take your job. So start learning to use AI tools."
I agree with you. I think it is ok to have AI help you with some things along the way but the majority of the work and research needs to be done by you. I have seen tons of articles that you can clearly tell they copy and pasted straight from AI. Like you said you will never learn anything or really feel accomplished if you do not put in the work to create your stuff.