World Surf League (WSL) Surf Ranch Pro

24 May 2023

In a couple of days, the next World Surf League (WSL) the governing body of the World Championship of Surfing, will host its event - The Surf Ranch Pro.

This isn’t an ordinary event as it’s contested in the middle of California, in a wave pool - owned and designed by 11 times World Surfing Champion, and possibly the best sportsman in history (go on - challenge me on this!) Kelly Slater.

Why is it such a different format - well in a normal surfing competition, Surfers are exposed to the elements - changes in tides (low tide - high tide) wind, swell size - all of which can play havoc with contest organisers and competitors. This doesn’t happen in a manufactured wave - every wave is very similar - so competitors need to find a point of difference to stand out from the rest of the top surfers from around the globe.

The format is slightly different too - all amounting to quite an exciting few days of surfing.

Who's going to win - this is very open to anyone in competition. Male and Female - they’ll be out to impress, trying to get as deep in the tube for as long as they can, catching air’s, and adding new tricks to show a point of difference.

Exciting times ahead for surfers 🤙

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south coast surfer
Well, the Surf Ranch Pro has been run and won… American Griffin Colapinto won the men’s over Brazilian Italo Ferreira (after some dubious scoring - where most had Italo the clear winner) American Carissa Moore beat fellow American Caroline Marks in the women’s.
With a standard 🌊 wave would that mean the element of luck or being in the right spot at the right time doesn’t play as much of an impact. Who do you think will win?