What kind of country is Belgium?

9 Feb 2023

Belgium not only has a developed economy, but also has excellent scenery. I hope that in my short life, I can go to Belgium and feel the exotic scenery.

Belgium Land area: 30528 square kilometers, population: 11.43 million. Main ethnic groups in the territory: Flemish, Walloon, German, main languages: Dutch, French, German. The country is divided into 3 regions, 10 provinces, and 589 municipalities. The most populous cities are: Brussels: 1.1 million people. Antwerp: 459,800 people. Don't look at Belgium's small territory and small population. In fact, it is actually a completely powerful country.

History of Belgium:

In the early days, Belgium was ruled by the Roman, Gaul, and Germanic nations, and then fell into the era of pattern, until the establishment of the Burgundian dynasty. Not long after, Spain, Austria, and France ruled Belgium successively. After leaving the French rule, Belgium established the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Later, due to cultural, political, and religious factors, Belgium separated from the Netherlands and established a sovereign state. Leopold became the first king of Belgium.

After the establishment of a sovereign state, the Belgium economy developed rapidly. He was asked to gradually become an imperialist country and participate in the division of Africa. Congo became a Belgium colony. During World War I and World War II, Belgium was occupied by Germany and recovered after World War II.

Belgium economy:

Belgium is a developed industrial country and one of the first countries to undergo an industrial revolution. In 2019, the national GDP reached: 529.607 billion U.S. dollars and the per capita GDP reached: 46,117 U.S. dollars . The Belgium economy occupies the leading position in the service industry, accounting for about 72% of the GDP. Industry, agriculture, tourism, finance, and foreign trade also have certain advantages in the Belgium economy. The service industry has created 80% of the country’s employment rate. , Anheuser-Busch InBev, Delhaize and other well-known companies are registered in Belgium.

Some things about Belgium:

1.The height of Belgium men is second only to the Netherlands. Among them, the height of men is 181.7 cm and the height of women is 165.5 cm.

2. Belgium is the only country in Europe that does not charge highway tolls. At the same time, the lights are on all the way at night. Belgium is known as the brightest country in Europe.

3. The best chocolate, French fries, and seafood in Europe are all in Belgium. Belgium is a country where people invented chocolate, and it also has the most expensive chocolate brand in the world. At the same time, Belgium also has the best seafood and delicious French fries in Europe. Belgium believes that French fries are their invention.

4. The classic comic Tintin can be seen everywhere in Belgium, a classic cartoon that accompanied countless people through childhood. In addition, the birthplace of the Smurfs is also in Belgium.

5. The waffles originated in Belgium and it are made with special baking trays. Belgians like to eat waffle very much.

6. The average salary in Belgium is 3489 Euro. From the perspective of salary alone, Belgium income is indeed high, but in fact they have to pay higher taxes, Belgian vegetables are expensive, and some items are cheap. The overall price level is at a medium level in Europe.

Belgium benefits:

Belgium is a small country, but its geographical location is important. At the same time, it also has an excellent economic foundation, so much so that it has become a highly developed country and a strong economy is enough for Belgium. Belgium government has invested a lot of money to increase national happiness, making Belgium one of the countries with the best welfare treatment in the world.

Childbirth benefits:

Every Belgium family welcomes a new life and the government also give certain rewards. The first child will be rewarded with 1064.79 euros , and the second child: 801.13 euros . It can be said that when the child is born, you don't have to worry about raising children. After all, your own state subsidies and wages can fully support your children.

Good education makes the country more prosperous. For this reason, Belgium government heavily invests in the education sector every year. Belgium government attaches great importance to education. Belgium implements a 12-year compulsory education. Every child must enter the school when he reaches the prescribed age. At the same time, his primary and secondary schools and universities do not charge fees. The students only need to pay the registration fee. In addition, Belgium universities have a certain reputation in the world. In addition, children applying for Belgium immigration enjoy the same education as local children.

Other benefits: The 65-year-old Belgian can receive a monthly pension of 800 Euros and Belgium also has tax rebates, housing purchases, and unemployment subsidies. It can be said that as long as you are Belgian, you can enjoy excellent welfare subsidies. Therefore, don’t look at how good people’s lives are. In fact, the hard work they put in is beyond your imagination.

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