Bullish Analysis of INJ on 1-Hour Time Frame

11 Jun 2024

Bullish Indicators for INJ

On the 1-hour time frame, INJ is showing significant bullish potential based on several technical indicators. Here is a detailed analysis:

  • Above the 21 EMA : The 21 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is a commonly used indicator for determining short-term trends. When the price is above the 21 EMA, it indicates that short-term momentum is in an upward trend. Currently, INJ price is above the 21 EMA, showing significant bullish potential.
  • Break of the Trendline : A breakout of a trendline is an important signal in technical analysis. After the price breaks through a trendline that previously served as resistance, it is often followed by further price increases. INJ has recently broken through its trendline, adding confirmation to the potential upward trend.

Possibility of Correction and Retest

Despite the bullish indicators, there is a possibility that INJ will experience a correction or retest before continuing its upward trend. Here are the key levels to watch:

  • Higher Low or Trendline Retest : There is a possibility that INJ will form a higher low or retest the trendline that was recently broken. This is a healthy step in an upward trend, giving the market a chance to consolidate before continuing its rise.
  • Entry Areas: 18.2 and 27.2 : For those looking to enter, especially in futures trading, it is important to consider key support levels. The 18.2 and 27.2 areas are significant levels and could be good entry points if the price experiences a correction.

Bullish Price Targets

If this setup succeeds and INJ continues its upward trend, here are the potential price targets:

  • First Target: 31 : The first target for INJ rise is around the 31 level. This is the next resistance level that the price might test.
  • Second Target: 33.6 : If INJ manages to surpass the 31 level, the next target is around 33.6. This higher resistance level will be a potential target for the continuation of the bullish trend.


Overall, INJ shows strong bullish potential on the 1-hour time frame, with indicators such as the price being above the 21 EMA and breaking the trendline providing confirmation. Despite the possibility of a correction or retest, the 18.2 and 27.2 levels could serve as good entry areas. If this setup is successful, the next price targets are 31 and 33.6.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This information should not be considered as financial advice. Always conduct your own research before making investment decisions.

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